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Frontline Complaint Handling training is designed to reduce the escalation of customer complaints.

When complaints are not resolved at the first instance the cost to a company can increase significantly as more staff become involved, customers involve outsiders (such as an Ombudsman, media or lawyers), the complaint grows as customers increase the number of things they are complaining about.

The new Australian Standard for Complaint Handling [1] requires that all personnel in contact with customers and complainants should be trained in complaint handling.

Our online modules are entertaining and engaging. Your staff will enjoy the high-speed format and will be able to use the skills immediately. Modules run for approximately 20mins.

Specific needs can be met by the customisation of an existing module or the creation of your own module (Additional costs may apply)

Each on-line user will have access to a Refresher Questionnaire following each module, an online discussion forum and after the successful completion of each modules will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Staff can access modules when it is convenient. A TV style format makes modules engaging and informative. Realistic footage of real complaint handlers and complainants. No limit on minimum or maximum number of participants.

We aim to inspire, energise and invigorate your staff

 [1] AS ISO 10,001 - 2006, Clause 5.3.4